Into the forest!

One thundery night a storm broke out and Jeff was terrified ,he was gobsmacked when the thunder shook the building.The next morning Jeffs mother sent him to give some food to his poorly grandma.

Wich way should I go?Thought Jeff to himself,so then he went right after 10 minutes of walking he saw a figure in the distance who could it be?

She looked familiar,it was goldilocks.Then she came up to him and started looking him in the eye then Jeff started ignoring her and just ran away from her.

Next Jeff found Jack from jack and the beanstalk.Jack started talking and eventually I ran of.Then Jeff found an red coat hanging on a tree and now he could see his grandmas house .Now it had started snowing so Jeff put the coat on and ran to his grandmas and hugged her.

                                         By Hayan

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