6T’s Viking Brooches

Year Six have been studying Viking jewellery, particularly brooches. They have learned about the way the Vikings made them, what materials they used and the designs that were more common. They also thought about the reasons why Vikings made and wore brooches.

Year Six made notes and sketches about their learning before designing a brooch of their own – in the Viking style!

Today they refined their modelling and sculpting skills to start to make their brooches. I think you’ll agree they are looking fantastic.

Well done 6T!

5M Art Gallery Visit

Today, 5M visited Manchester Art Gallery to learn all about the Battle of Troy and study artwork depicting the battle.

Children really enjoyed looking at paintings about the ancient Greeks and thinking about how artists have made people in their pictures show different emotions through the use of colour, facial expression and the way they are standing.

Before we left the gallery, children acted out the Battle of Troy and discussed how the warriors may have been feeling at different points.

5M had a brilliant time at the art gallery and represented Bowker Vale extremely well.

Class 5A visit Manchester Art Gallery

On Friday, Class 5A got the opportunity to visit Manchester Art Gallery to learn all about ancient Greek myths through art!

We started the day by getting on the tram! The children were very excited and excellently behaved. When we arrived at the gallery we were greeted by Carmen who told us the mythical story of the Battle of Troy through art, writing and drama.

Just as we were about to leave we spotted a L. S Lowry exhibition! As he is the artist we are studying this half term, we went for a look around! It was incredible to see his work in real life and has certainly inspired us to create our own painting of a street.

1S World Book Day

Year 1 had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating World Book Day. The children looked amazing in their costumes and enjoyed drawing and talking about their characters.
The children enjoyed taking part in a book mark competition and parading around the hall to show off their costumes.
We later enjoyed the story ‘Look up’ by Nathan Byron and we created shooting stars and shooting star chalk artwork.
Thank you for a great day, well done Year 1!