SSC Wednesday Afternoon Check In

Good afternoon everybody, we hope you have had a good morning.

Here are the activities for this afternoon:


This term we will be expanding our baking skills by mastering the ‘rubbing in’ method. Please watch the video below:

Option One: Apple Crumble

Today we will be making an Apple crumble. Watch the video below and follow the step by step instructions to produce an Apple crumble.

Option Two: The Effects of Fishing on the Environment

As part of our cooking lessons, it is important that we learn where different sources of food come from. This week we will be learning about fishing.

Watch the short video explaining what over fishing is and the effects it has on our planet.

Can you create a fact sheet on over fishing?

Imagine someone you know does not understand what over fishing is and how it can affect us in the future.  Create a fact sheet and include the following:

What is overfishing?

How will it affect humans?

How will it affect other sea creatures?

How will it affect the ocean?

How will it affect the planet?

What can we do to help stop overfishing?

Petition · Stop Over Fishing ·

Challenge Box

Children’s Rights

Yesterday we learnt about children’s rights and why they are so important.

Recap children’s rights below:

Today, we want you to think about your rights and identify five that are the most important to you. Complete the activity using one of the worksheet templates below, or you can write out your ‘top five rights’ on a piece of paper or your home learning device. You can also draw a picture or write a keyword for each right if you would like.

I have attached the link to the full list of children’s rights here:

Or images of Articles 1-20 are attached below:

Worksheet one

Worksheet Two

Well done everyone, we are half way through the week and you are all doing amazing!

The SSC Team

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