Year 1 – 8.1.21 Home Learning

Happy Friday Year 1. We just want to say a big well done for such a super start to your home learning.

Again we will go through all of todays learning challenges on todays Google meet which will be at 10:15am. See you there!


The sound of the day is ‘th’, as in ‘path’.


Todays English will build on from yesterdays English where you were thinking about some super adjectives to describe the characters from the story Supertato. On the ‘day 4’ page in your pack can you choose a character from the story to describe using adjectives. Have a go at writing a sentence describing your character.


In your pack you have some sheets with number cards on. Cut them up and order them. Can you chose 4 different numbers and order them from smallest to largest?


Research where your favourite fruit or veg comes from from around the world . Use Google and the sheets in your pack to research facts about how it is grown and where it is grown. Draw a picture in your red book and write some facts.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your photographs of your work when you send them to your class email.

1S – Mrs Stubbs –

1H – Miss Holt –

Examples of your work will be displayed on a Blog post later on this afternoon.

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