Year 3 Home learning Friday 8/1/2021

Good morning year 3. You have all worked so hard this week and we are really impressed with all of your work. You have been resilient rangers.

Let’s start our day with some yoga.

In maths today we are going to continue to think about 3D shapes. Your activities are on seesaw. First we would like you to answer some quiz questions about shapes thinking about their properties.

Then we would like you to complete another activity it is in your home learning pack and also on seesaw. Can you complete the table? Remember you can find these shapes around your home to help you eg a tin of beans is a cylinder and a dice is a cube.

For our SPaG activity We would like you to complete the mat below. You can find it in your home learning pack and on seesaw.

Today’s English task is to create a piece of colourful cave art inspired by our class text- Cave Baby. When you have finished your cave art, take a picture of it with your Seesaw app then use the text button to label your creation with adjectives.

This afternoon your computing task is to use the Seesaw tools to recreate your cave painting and then use the comparision sheet on Seesaw to compare creating a piece of art using paper and a device.

We hope you have a brilliant day. Remember to send your work to your class email by 2:30pm.

Class 3S-

Class 3KT-

There will also be a new activity on your SeeSaw account, log in and have a go! If you have any issues, please email your class teacher. Remember our home learning will be moving to SeeSaw from next week, so it is important you have a go at logging on.

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