SSC Wednesday Afternoon

Welcome back, we hope you have all had a good day so far.

Here are the activities for this afternoon:


Every Wednesday afternoon the SSC children take part in a cooking class with Miss Taylor.

This week, we will be making a cheese calzone.

Option 1: Watch the video below to try the recipe at home.

Option 2: Fruit or vegetable fact file.

Challenge Box

The start of a new year is seen by many as a time of reflection, hope and planning. Many people see the New Year as a ‘fresh start’ and will make plans for the year ahead. Some people will use it as a time to look back on the previous year, and celebrate the things they have achieved or enjoyed.

Your job for today is to read and complete the worksheet below. Write down or draw the things you look forward to this year, or enjoyed last year.

Well done for today everyone! We can’t wait to see you back in class tomorrow.

The SSC Team

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