Good Morning SSC Class

Hello everyone! Today is wonderful Wednesday and we are half way through the week already. Everyone made a great start to both home and school learning yesterday and we are very proud of you all.

We know that it hasn’t been the start to the year we were expecting. What we do know is that things will get better.


Please write your words in pyramid writing:

Everybody: accept, except, whether, weather, fair and fare

Challenge: tremendous, enormous, jealous, serious and hideous


Our class book this term is called ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’ by Graheme Baker Smith. We are going to start reading this book next week, but for now we are going to the think about the title.

The Rhythm of the Rain: Baker-Smith, Grahame, Baker-Smith,  Grahame: 9781787410145: Books

Job 1: Rhythm

What is rhythm? How could you link rhythm to rain?

Can you discuss the questions with your adult at home? Or use your online learning devices to help you find the answers?

Some music composers, such as a famous musician named Vivaldi, wrote and played music that was linked to different things such as the weather.

The video below includes lots of information about Vivaldi. Although the music is very interesting, we want you to watch the video and listen to the music. What type of weather does the music make you think of? Which season makes you feel happy or sad? The music is linked to weather at one minute to around two minutes and fifteen seconds.

Job 2: Describe the Weather

Rhythm and sound can help us imagine a weather type. For example a whistle sound might make you think of the wind.

What other adjectives could we use to describe the wind?

Complete the worksheets below by listing adjectives that describe each weather type.

Challenge: Can you write down a sound that describes each type of weather?


Job 1: Green pen challenge

Job 2: Roman numerals fact or fib?

This is a Roman numerals number gird. This will help you with your next job.

Job 3: Please read the Roman numerals story and answer the questions

Although we are not completing morning and afternoon Google Meet check ins, it is an expectation that you send evidence of your completed home learning activities to our class email.

Our email is . We aim to send feedback for all home learning activities by 3pm each day. If you have any problems please let us know.

Have a great morning everybody,

The SSC Team

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