Stickman Hunt

On Monday, Year 1 had a visit from Stickman from the Julia Donaldson story. He left us some lovely learning activities and the stickman book. However, he left us a letter at the back of the book to say that if he hadn’t made it back to our classroom on Monday morning then he may have got lost around our big school. In the letter he asked us to look for him if that was the case. He wasn’t there and Maxy our class Elf left a message to say someone had been.

Year 1 took on the challenge. We went on a Stickman hunt!

The children made missing posters and put them up around school for everyone to be aware. They looked around the Vale Trail, under every tyre and called out his name.

Then we had the idea to ask the office and as we walked up to the main entrance…There he was, stuck in a little bush. We were all delighted to find him and took him back to our warm classroom to enjoy our week of super Stickman learning.

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