SSC Morning Check In

Good morning SSC class and welcome to fabulous Friday!

Here is the plan for today:


Complete the multiplication activities below.


Activity Room:


Our science topic for this half term is light.

Job 1: What do you already know about light? Can you answer the questions on the interactive quiz to test your knowledge?

Job 2: Look at the light sources below.

A light source is anything that produces light.

A natural source of light – something in nature that produces light that we can not change. For example, the sun.

Artificial light – light that can be created or produced. For example, fire or a lamp. Artificial light may need a battery or to be plugged in.

Look at the sources of light below. Can you draw a line from each picture to the correct label? Is the image of a natural or artificial light source?

Job 3: Electricity is needed for most artificial lights, but what exactly is electricity?

Follow the link below and watch the video to learn more about electricity.

Electricity helps us in lots of different ways but it can also be dangerous if we do not use it safely. Watch the video before completing job number four.

Job 4: Electrical appliances.

Can you identify electrical appliances around the home? Do any of these create sources of light? Create a picture collage or list five electrical appliances from around the home.

Challenge: Can you create an electrical safety poster?

You can design your electrical safety poster how ever you like but it needs to include at least one safety tip.

Example of an electrical safety poster

In class, we will be conducting an electricity experiment. I have attached the instructions below so you have the option of trying this at home.


This term, we are learning all about Extreme Explorers. What skills do we need to become an explorer?

Job 1: Map of the UK.

Can you label the countries of the UK and their capitals? You might need an adults help for this or to research on the internet.

Challenge: Draw the flag of each country in the square boxes.

Job 2: Heaton park.

Our local park is Heaton Park, over the road from Bowker Vale Primary School. Today, we will be learning about Heaton Park’s history and comparing how the park was used in the past to how it is used now.

Watch the video below:

You have a choice of two activities to complete.

Option 1. Can you group the images of Heaton Park into past and present?

Challenge: Order the events on a timeline from the past to the present. Use the video to help you order events. The timeline should start with Heaton Hall and end with Tree Top adventure.

You can draw your own timeline and pictures if you are unable to print off the template or images.

Option 2. Answer the questions about Heaton Park.

Have a good morning!

The SSC Team

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