Year 3S homelearning Tuesday 10th November

Good morning Year 3S,

I hope you are feeling rested and ready to learn after your 3 day weekend! I think we are going to have a brilliant week!

We are going to start the day with a Supermovers dance. I love these dances as they get your body moving and help you to practice your timestables.

For today’s math task we are going to be looking at our times tables.

Use this video to practice your 3x tables:

Use this video to practice your 4x tables:

Today’s maths task: Can you practice your 3 and 4 times tables?

Use the worksheets below to practice and then see if an adult can test you on your 3 or/and 4 times tables.

For today’s English task I want you to write your instructions text for how to wash a prehistoric creature.

In your Just In Case pack you will find some lined paper to write your instructions on to, or you could use the template I gave you on Thursday. Remember to use your success criteria and include all the features of an instruction text:

Have a read of my WAGOLL for some inspiration:

I am looking for work that is written neatly and contains capital letters and full stops- you can do it Year 3S!

This afternoon I would like you to create some illustrations and a front cover for your writing.

I am so, so, SO excited to see your finished work! Remember to send your work to by 2:30pm and myself or Mrs Rowley will respond.

Miss Smith

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