Year 4 Wednesday English

Good morning! Today we are going to start by looking at different word classes. Click on the power point to find out more…

If you click on the next link, you will find lots of different words. Can you identify which word class they belong to?

Thank you to those who have been e-mailing me their non-chronological report progress. I really admire the resilience you have all shown as doing this online is no mean feat! By now you should have decided on your 3 sub-headings and you should have some facts about each one. Today I want you to find technical vocabulary for your report.

Technical vocabulary is a feature of non-chronological reports. They are words or phrases that are used primarily in a specific line of work or profession. Below is an excerpt from the WAGOLL which highlights the technical vocabulary.

You can use some of these words and also try and find some of your own and add them to the notes you made yesterday. This video clip may help (thanks Sam!) as it contains a lecture about modern fireworks. Can you find technical vocabulary?

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