Year 4 Art

Today is all about researching and practicing different styles of art to create different looking images of the same picture.

The same Mona Lisa done in different styles of art. We are going to try and create something like this.

First, you need to choose the subject that you are going to draw. It could be a household object or you could go outside and take a picture of something. The subject is up to you, but you will be creating the image in many different styles of art. SIMPLE will be BETTER.

Now you need to look at different styles of art. Look online at the different definitions but try to explain them in your own words. Examples you can research are expressionism, pointillism, abstract, cartoon, sketch, naturalism. Could this website help you?

Use your chosen photo to re-create the image in as many styles as you like. The more the better! Use any of resources available to create your pictures. Felt, paint, pastel, you decide!

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