Thursday in year 3!

Good morning everyone. Let’s all have a fantastic Thursday and……

We are starting the morning with some handwriting practice. I have been working hard on improving my handwriting too. I have tried really hard to make sure that my capital letters are as tall as the line, are not joined, have checked that my letters are all the same height and are sitting on the line too. I think I could make some improvements, but that is all part of the learning process.

Today for our spelling task we are going to be looking at homophones. These are words that sound the same, but are spelt differently and also have a different meaning. For this task you must decide which is the correct spelling and put it into the sentence.

After your spelling task it is time to do your reading challenge. Today I would like you to visit the BBC Bitesize website and complete the activities all about inference. To infer is a very important skill, but it’s not easy. Look carefully at the picture below. We use our skills of inference to answer these questions. We infer that the boy is having a bath because his hair is wet and it is covered in shampoo. We are not told this, but we are looking for clues and using these to help us to understand what is happening.

Next it is time for your maths challenge. Today we are going to be practicing counting in 8s. Here is another catchy song to help you.

After lunch you have a lovely crafty afternoon ahead of you. We would like you to make something beautiful for someone that is special to you. Here are some ideas to help you.

Make a mobile for someone using a paper plate and hang all of the things that they love from it.

Rainbows always make people smile.

We hope that you have a lovely day and can’t wait to see your creations.

Mrs Kershaw and Miss Smith

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