Wow Wednesdays!

Good morning Year 3,

We want you to start your morning by reading a book. You could read to your siblings, family members, pets or even your toys!

Next we would like you to listen to the subordinating conjunction song and then complete the activity below. Remember to end each sentence with a piece of punctuation.

For today’s math challenge I am going challenge you to recall your times 3, 4 and 8 times tables to answer these tricky word problems. Make sure you use your RUCSAC to ensure you have understood the question.

For today’s writing challenge we would like you to rewrite your favourite Ancient Greek myth, but with a twist! You could change the setting, characters or even change how the it ends- it is up to you! Here is a website all about Ancient Greek mythological creatures to use as inspiration.

This afternoon we want you to try and make a Greek salad. Here is the recipe with the ingredients and instructions you will need. Remember to always ask your adult first before using any kitchen equipment and please remember to send us pictures of any activites you do-

We hope you have a fabulous Wednesday,

Miss Smith and Mrs Kershaw

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