Good morning everyone. After your reading and handwriting practice it is time for maths.

Today we are going to be looking at some place value questions. First I would like you to watch these video clips from BBC Bitesize. It’s a great website.

Next I would like you to play the ordering numbers to 1000 game. Good luck and enjoy!

After lunch it is time for science. You are going to be looking at forces today.

First I would like you to watch the video clip all about forces and what they are. There is a game that you can play too.

I then want you to try and find as many push and pull forces as you can in your home. Here is a clip to inspire you:

Don’t forget to keep updating your diary every evening. We would love to read them when we finally return back to school. Enjoy your day and any work or questions that you have please contact us at

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