Buddy’s Training

Buddy has continued with his training this term as he learns the skills he needs to become a well trained School Dog.

Shelley is our new trainer – she is a dog breeder and trainer and even works for Crufts – the largest Dog Show in the world!

Buddy is working towards his Bronze level of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award. To achieve this, he needs to pass 10 exercises to a high standard. These include –

  • showing good and calm walking on a lead, around other dogs and children
  • showing good control when walking through a door or gate
  • being able to come back straight away when called – even when other dogs or children are around, this is called ‘good recall’
  • sitting and staying for 1 minute.

The last one is the one Buddy finds the hardest to do! A minute seems a long time and he often gets up for a wander so we need to practice every day until he is really good at it. Buddy’s test is in 3 weeks, so we are hoping he will pass and can receive his award in assembly.

Here are some photos of Buddy’s training today. The other dog is Theo, Shelley’s black labrador who is 5 years old. Buddy loves to chase Theo and have a good run on the field but he can never catch him! The puppy is Hector, Shelley’s new 11 week old labrador. Already he can sit for a treat!

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