Buddy’s 2nd Training Session with the Squad

Today, Cath, the dog trainer came to lead the Traning Squad and Buddy through some more training techniques.

The squad arrived on time, with their notebooks ready to make notes and record inportant information.

Firstly, we watched a video of Cath training a German Shepherd puppy for the police. The puppy was 9 weeks old and already so good and obedient!


Whilst we watched the video, Buddy relaxed on a mat with a bone! He was interested in the video when he heard the puppy barking!

After the video, we practised some of the training techniques with Buddy.

Here he is practising ‘sit’.

We used treats (today it was little cubes of cheese) and just the word ‘good‘ to tell him well done when he did what we wanted him to and at the right time!

Here he is learning to stand on a block – this is for when he needs to be groomed or inspected.

Finally, he practised walking around a cone, changing direction when the ‘handler’ (or the children) wanted him to.

He was a really good boy and enjoyed his second training session. Just like any new learning, he needs to practice the skills at home to get really good!

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