It was world war 2. There was 4 children: Peter, Susan, Edmund and finally Lucy. Unfortunally the brave siblings had to leave their loving mother. Lucy, who was the youngest, was really upset that she had to leave her mother and so was Susan and Peter, but Edmund didn’t really care. He loved his father more than his mother.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               After a few hours of waiting, they were ready to go on the train.Lucy was crying but Peter and Susan were just really sad to say good bye to their real mother. Edmund did stick his head out of the window and wave good bye. 

During the train ride, non of them talked or laughed to each other. Two hours later it was they’re turn to get off the train and see they’re new mum.When they entered their new home a smile grew on their face. The house was massive….. 


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