The jungle book review

Author   (Rudyard kipling)


Illustrater (Mike spoor)



I think that the story is fiction an animal story and an adventure story

because mowgi has an adventure he goes around the jungle and has fun.


Event 1:)

Mowgli meets his enemy called Shere Khan.

Event 2 🙂

Shere Khan dies.                                                                        Name:   Mowgli:)

Event 3  🙂                                                                             personality:   playful,nice,cheeky.

Mowgli went back to a different village.                    Setting      physical appearance:    Black long                                                                                              hair , tanned skin.

The jungle.           How i feel about this character

and why:Good  because he

Cause and effect 🙂                                                                   stands up for himself.

Shere Khan dies.                         Mowgli  feels so happy and relived


My star rating 🙂

I give this a five because it was interesting.                            This book made me  feel 🙂

Exited because the author used

good  words  that are interesting .         hope you enjoyed:D

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