video game

                              Xbox game

James, a 7-year-old child was doing what most kids do, play games on a PlayStation, Xbox to be precise. While he was doing this, his mum was dossing around the house giving it a huge Spring clean.

Leaving his drink and remote on the floor, he ran to the bathroom. His mum strolled into the sitting room to grab a dirty sock ( yuck ). Doing so, she knocked over the water, which went over the remote! Trying to save the remote from getting damaged, she pick it up.

Your probably thinking that she is going to get electrocuted. Well, if you said this your wrong!!!As she picked it up, she passed out.

Soon awaking, she looked around at her surroundings. She recognised where she was, but it couldn’t be possible. She was in her son’s Xbox game!

She looked at her self. She wasn’t human she was a dead…




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