The lonely ghost

Silence . Broken by the eerie hooting of owls and whistling of the wind through the trees . As I trudged through , rain crashed down on the ground around me . A blanket of darkness collapsed over the earth . Goosebumps crept  up my spine as thick , opaque air surrounded me . A old sweat trickled down my forehead as I froze with fear . The only source of light was the shining moon creating haunting shadows .


Anxiously , I ventured on , the wind whispering a warning in my ears , and my red hair was pulled by the wind . Squinting through the dense darkness , I saw an ancient , cobblestone well . Mind-blown , I stumbled across the undergrowth , clawing at my ankles , to reach it [I had never discovered this well before] . Towering trees loomed over me  – their branches like twisting hands , reaching out to grab me . My spine chilled . I shivered . some trees had faces carved into their bark  ; others had branches like claws . Shadows stretched out from the trees , like terrifying beasts . I was panic-stricken by this : I cowered back nervously .


Avoiding the shadows , I began to heave as I pulled on the rope to fill my rust-covered bucket . I had a horrible feeling that I  wasn’t alone . Was I imagining things ? Above , a cloud snaked across the crescent moon . Gazing up at the moon , it was like the moon was abandoning me . Alone in the darkness . . .


Wait – what was that ? The rocky moon had just – disappeared . Craning my neck forward , I tried to catch a glimpse of another thundering cloud or something that had caused the moon to vanish .

Rubbing my eyes , I tugged on the rope again , pulling it ten times faster than before . Out of breath , I seized my bucket , realizing it had overflowed .


I turned round slowly , a petrified look plastered onto my pale face : I had just seen a blinding flash of light , slicing  through the jet-black sky above me .

“It would just be lightning,”I pondered uncertainly , my heart pounding in my head .


I was alarmed by the rustling of leaves and the hissing of the wind . Without warning , the grey moon and the grisly cloud were masked by coal-black blackness . I realized that whatever had covered them was translucent . Breathing fast , I turned my head heavenwards and gasped . I let out an ear-splitting scream .

“AAAAH!”I screeched , trembling with every syllable,” Y-YOU’VE GOT THE MOON!”


Agitated and troubled by my response , the unknown creature fled into the heart of the forest . Calling out as loudly as possible , I , who deeply regretted frightening this innocent creature ,  raced after it . What was it ? Why was the moon grasped tightly in it’s right hand [or what looked like it] ?


After ten minutes of yelling , an opaque creature popped out of nowhere .

“What do you want?”it snapped , clearly furious at the sight of me ,” I just wanted o make a friend for once , and Moony was my only hope .”

“Please don’t take the moon,”I pleaded,”Maybe . . . I could be your friend!My name is Molly . Who might you be ?”

Instantly , the creature’s eyes lit up . Smiling gratefully , the creature , who was nicer than it looked , replied ,”I’m Thomathon the ghost . Call me Tom for short .”


Later on , when me and Tom got to know each other , I found myself stumbling home , pulling vines out of my path . I had just befriended a ghost . . . was this the smartest idea ?

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