The Moon Grabber

Alone. The death-defying screams coming from all around,blood-curdling wolves howling in the darkness,creepy owls hooting and dead animals were laying on the rocky concrete. Deep whistles hummed in the silence:it was chilling. Stood still in fear;the trees creaked and its prickly,sharp branches grabbed at him. Nervously collecting water from the well, the bucket creaked a warning. Suddenly, Sam was engulfed by the sheer blackness. What was happening?

Frozen and trembling with fear: a shiver crawled up his spine. Slowly tip-toeing Sam heard a deep growl above from the cloud,blank sky. “What should I do?” whispered Sam to himself. Growls and screams echoed from the well;a menacing rush was coming! The eerie trees – which were shaped like demonic figures – seemed to be waiting for its prey. Without warning, a deep shadow appeared from the blank gloominess: it had fiendish twisted barbs,like volcanoes erupting from the head;sharp claws;and a knife-edged silver sword.

Although it looked horrifying, it had a flash of light in its hand. The terrifying,rapid flash was made by the colossal,horrific creature.Trying to keep calm Sam stuttered “Who are you?” Sweat began to creep down his back.

The strange beast howled: it glared at Sam’s soul.”Could I have the moon back?” stumbled Sam ¬†feeling petrified. This monster appeared to be as tall as a giant. Gloominess surrounded him.” If I were you I would give the moon back” shouted Sam as he attempted to snatch the moon of the monster. Swiftly running into the engulfing forest Sam had been trapped in some green,stinging nettles.Footsteps were slowly appearing. A shadowy creature hovered over Sam. What was it? Without knowing, a huge hand grabbed Sam by his neck.

Frightened,afraid,fearful – Sam was hesitating. Quickly, Sam slipped out of the creature’s hand and dashed towards his house [a cabin.] Sam had traps around around the forest:he thought he should use them now. However he didn’t have much time. Roars,stomping,howls and malicious noises were all heard by Sam’s ears. Unexpectedly, the fearless monster had caught up with Sam. They were stood face to face.What was going to happen next?

Abruptly,about a thousand beams of powerful,bright light shone into the monster’s eye; red,violent lasers shooting at his body;solid keen-edged spikes launching at his skin and a minute later the monster was down. The terrible,grotesque monster was perplexed by the alarmed young boy’s behavior. The monster was defeated and under the extensive tree.

Swiftly,Sam attempted to throw the moon into the dull sky. The moon knowing it was free flew back into it’s regular place. Meanwhile, the monster has risen onto his feet! He was going to get revenge….



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