Jungle Book Review

The main characters in the book are Mowgli , Balloo ,Bagheera , the mother wolf the wolf pack Bulldio and Shere khan.

My favorite part of the story is when Mowgli follows Shere khan then shere khan goes in the fire and burns his paws. Then Shere khan was chasing Mowgli then Mowgli ended up to the wolf pack.

The part that surprised me is when Mowgli killed shere khan and i thought shere khan was stronger then Mowgli. And this bit suprised me too is that Mowgli was 17 yers old and his mother dosen’t remember Mowgli.And bulldio kills his farther and his mother survived by bulldio and when Mowgli came back he said ”My name is Mowgli.” And his mother said ”Who are you and what did i name you.”And Mowgli said you named me Nathoo.”And his mother rememberd him and said ”Your farther had died.”And Mowgli said ”no way my farther had died.”

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