As soon as the Atomic Bomber landed,Aunt Sandwich froze as she stared at the school’s destruction. As quick as a flash,the Headteacher dashed out the door as the school turned to rubble.Madame Malice,who was smirking viciously,was proud of herself. The more,Tommy was acting strange,the more he was found guilty for doing this horrible thing. Ms Crackdown,who had her fists clenched tightly,stomped down to Madame Malice with rage inside her.      “WHY DID YOU DESTROY MY HOUSE!”shouted Ms Crackdown with a mad look on her face.                                                                                                                  ” Let’s go now” said Tommy quietly to  his mother.                                                    “Good idea” replied Madame Malice.                                                                            ” COME ON SHE’S RUNNING TOWARDS US” shouted Jonny.


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