my trip to the lowry

on Monday 27 of April  year4d went on a trip to the Lowry.  We went there because it was related to are topic my Manchester. First we partner up and walked up Middleton road to the Metrolink. When we got there we sat down and looked at all the things passing by. Then we got of the first tram and went on the other tram when we got on it when we got there i looked around and there was millions of building we went in a big one. Are class went up the twisty stairs  to put are lunches there to eat later then went downstairs. when we got there we had a look at the pictures of l.s lowry pictures of humans  we even got to sketch some then we had dinner.After dinner we looked at pictures of l.s lowry building and sketch them. i had a really good time. my favorite part was sketching them. by Raees.

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