All about Y4a’s trip to the lowry!

Last week  our whole class went to the lowry to look at lowry’s paintings. We went there because we were learning about his paintings . so what we done in he start to get ready. we all went to the toilet.then got are coats.then miss appleyard was sorting out the other children’s dinners.when we had done all of that we got ready and went out side and walked to the bowkervale tram area.

When we had got to the right tram we went inside it and then had a space to lean on and hold on or even to sit on. after a couple of minuets we got out the tram and walked to the next tram area.(because we had to go on 2 trams in one day).When we had got on to the second tram we all went in and found a place to sit on. Then while we were on the tram and the tram stopped for the other people to come out.MR.Miat helped this old man and i think it was very kind of Mr.miat to do it so i think we have got helpful teachers in are class. After that,when the other people went it was are stop next.

When it was are stop we got out of the tram and calmly and Quietly.Until we made it TO THE LOWRY! When we went inside then upstairs to make are way to the paintings we were shocked what we had seen!!! It was the real L.S Lowry’s PAINTINGS! We saw Ann.And then a girl who was seen from the back and front.And L.S Lowry crying(painting mabey when his mother died). I did feel bad for Lowry though.Then later on,it was time for dinner we sat in  a big long line. after that, we went back into the paintings and we carried on looking.Then it was time to go so we all went and said good bye.And reached are destination at school and went home…… EXAUSTEDLY!!! We all had a great time there,but i wish i could go there again.

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