Diary Of A Viking Kid – 24.03.17 – Part 1

Day one – ┬áChristmas Eve Eve

Today I awoke to the sound of the local monastery bells chiming seven times. This meant I was one hour later in setting the stove to heat! I rushed down the stairs to find the stove lit, dough sitting, butter ready to be churned and cheese made. All the jobs that I would usually have done by seven. My older sister Asel had done the jobs for me! I thanked Asel several times, but she said that because she has less jobs, she thought that it would be nice to help. I then started churning the butter and baking the bread for supper. Asel then left to go to her blacksmiths apprentice job, mother then left to go to the market and dad left to go hunting. I was left to do all the house jobs like: churning butter, baking bread, making cheese, cleaning, sowing seeds on the farm, feeding the chickens and making supper.

After I had made the bread and the butter, I set to mending Asel’s jacket. Later, after I had fixed the jacket, I fed the chickens and sowed the seeds, everyone was back at home enjoying their pastimes. I set to work on supper – Dad’s signature deer stew.

I chopped the carrots, aubergines and potatoes then the deer. After that was boiling on the stove, I cut the bread and cheese, then buttered the bread.

Everyone had a beautiful supper and we t o bed on a full stomach. I’m so so so exited for the few days to come. Christmas Eve and Day!

Ase xxxxx


If you would like to read part two go to the comments below to find the link, once I have written it. If you would also like to see more, which I intend to do, also comment below.

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