Teachers at Bowker Vale

Teachers at Bowker Vale are very kind and helpful! In KS1 you get lots and lots of support! In KS2 you don’t get that much support but that’s only if people need some! And I do understand why, because we should already know the answers! Unless your teacher is just checking what you know about your topic so far! I love Bowker Vale and when I leave in year 6, I will never ever forget the teachers and my best friends! All teachers are nice. As a reward for our good choices we get this free playtime in the afternoon on a Friday, which is called Good To Be Green Play. At the end of the term we get a Good To Be Green Playtime! I Just love Bowker vale and the teachers!!  Thank you so much!😘

Easter Egg Competition

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Wow! You are all so creative! The Easter ‘decorate an egg’ competition has been a huge success! So many of you entered the competition it was a really tricky decision! But there needed to be 4 winners, so the best of the best are posted in this blog.
Well done everyone!
The first winner was Isaac from EYFS.

Quails At Bowker Vale

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We have welcomed 8 little quails to our school! They hatched on Friday last week! We learned lots of facts in assembly and have continued to become really knowledgeable as the week has progressed! I have been really impressed by the amount of research some of you have been telling me about!
Can anyone share any facts?