Zebras – Farm Visit

We were really lucky in EYFS this morning. A farmer brought in some animals for us to meet. We all had the chance to stroke a duck, hen and alpacca. We were able to walk the alpacca around the top pitch too. Once we had all had chance to meet the animals (and Mrs Maskery had chased the cheeky duck back into it’s pen), we spent time feeding the animals. The farmer told us that two of the hens he had brought with him were actually some of the chicks we hatched last year in EYFS! Here are some pictures of our fun morning…

One thought on “Zebras – Farm Visit

  1. When I saw the Alpacca this morning from the Office doorway (I did not have my glasses on), I thought it was a Camal! Then I remembered that Camals don’t live on farms. Mrs Orr laughed at me.

    You look like you all had a good time.

    Mrs. “B” xx

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