Eco Leaders get a visit from Manchester City’s Sustainability Organiser!

The Bowker Vale Eco Leaders won a prize for the Best Stall back in July, and we were lucky enough to win a visit from Pete Bradshaw, who organises Manchester City’s sustainability projects!

He met the whole team last Friday and had a look around our school grounds to see what areas we wanted to develop to become a more sustainable and carbon reducing school.

One thing the Eco Leaders have talked about for a while is developing an area for a pond – as we have some areas with excess water at times – and we would love to create a full life cycle ecosystem that would attract more wild life and grow plants that would help to reduce our carbon footprint.

So, the Eco Leaders are in the process of designing their own pond at the moment. When we have done this, we will visit some of the areas around the Manchester City academy grounds that Pete has helped to transform from industrial waste land or urban landscape into a green oasis of nature. This will give us ideas on how we can best develop our areas to encourage more biodiversity and increase carbon absorption. You will be able to see the best designs here on the blog when they are completed!

More information on this amazing transformation can be found at :

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