Tesco Donation – Thank you!

Thank you to Tesco Cheetham Hill for your generous donation of £100 to be used to help with some new resources for our Lotus Room. This is very much appreciated! Thank you!

The Lotus Room is a place where children can spend time with a Play Therapist or Therapeutic Support Worker.  Children come for many different reasons.  They might be feeling worried, or sad, maybe scared or angry.  At times children struggle to cope with changes in their life, for example, moving house, new school, family separation etc. 

If you feel you would like your child to access some support  from the Lotus room staff you can pop in to see us and we will arrange a time for you to discuss any concerns you have.  We can also offer advice and support such as parenting advice on things like bedtime routines, setting boundaries, children’s stages of development. 

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