First Aid Pop Up Event

On Friday, Hughie from Pheniks Life Saving Army came to school. He is a soldier in the army, who has also set up his own charity working with young people.

He sets aside a few days each month to volunteer in primary schools to teach basic but essential life saving CPR.

All of our Year 1-6 children have learned about how to help in an emergency if someone has a cardiac arrest experience. Younger children used teddies to practice on and older children used the mannequins. They know now how to –

1 – Ring 999 to request an ambulance

2 – Check if someone is breathing

3 – Check airways are clear by tilting the head back

4 – How to pump the chest (Baby Shark tune!) to keep the heart beating and blood and oxygen circulating

5 – Use the recovery position

Thank you Hughie. You have helped us learn how to save lives.

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