Manchester Parking Enforcement Team Assembly

This morning, Bowker Vale received a visit from the Manchester Parking Enforcement Team.

As part of our ‘world of work’ assemblies, upper school were able to meet some of the traffic officers and learn more about their job role and how they keep our community safe.

We discussed what being a parking officer involves and the reasons why we need traffic wardens in our local area, especially outside the busy road at Bowker Vale.

Our Bowker Leaders worked with the parking officers to think about ways we can increase awareness around parking hazards outside of school. Together, we discussed ideas of how we can promote other ways of getting to school other than a car, such as public transport, riding a bike or walking.

Look out for our traffic awareness posters outside of school in the future!

Thank you Manchester Traffic Enforcement Team for the informative visit.

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One thought on “Manchester Parking Enforcement Team Assembly

  1. Thank you to Manchester civil enforcement officers and also to our Year 5 and 6 Bowker Leaders who really enjoyed the chance to look at the vehicles and equipment used!
    Mrs Griffin

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