Good Morning SSC Class

Hello everyone and welcome to marvellous Monday! Well done to each and every one of you. You have all worked incredibly hard on all your home learning activities and we are really looking forward to seeing you all in school tomorrow.

Today is feel good Monday. Watch the videos. How do they make you feel?

Please could you complete this questionnaire and send it back to us today?


Your homework this weekend was to listen to the remainder of our class book ‘Voices in the Park’.

Voices in the Park: Browne, Anthony: Books

Job 1: Voices in the Park questions.

Can you answer the following questions about our class book ‘Voices in the Park’?

You now have different English jobs to complete this morning. Please complete the jobs for the room you usually work in.

Classroom Group

Job 2: Park description.

Last week, you made a great start on your big write of a description of a park. Today we are going to complete our draft by writing the final paragraph, you will be creating the ‘park’s exit’ section of your big write.

Re watch the WAGOLL video from last week and use the resource pictures to help write your description.

Don’t forget to follow and complete your big write task plan.

Activity Room Group

Job 2: Green Pen Challenges.

Great job writing the first draft of your big write!

Free Great Job Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart  Library

Today, you will have received an email with green pen challenges that you need to complete. Please complete the challenges and any corrections.


Classroom Group

Last week everyone worked really hard on learning how to multiply a two digit number by a two digit number.

To be able to use a method quickly we need to know our multiplication facts.

Do you know the facts for the seven times table in any order?

Please click on the link below. On this website you will be able to practise your multiplication facts as well as division facts.

Activity Room

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