Good Morning SSC Class

Hello everyone, we hope that you had a good start to your week yesterday.

We have been sent in some brilliant examples of home learning. Well done William!

William we are really impressed with how hard you are working and we hope that you are very proud of yourself. We can’t wait for you to share your home learning with us in person.

We had another very busy Monday yesterday. After reading the book ‘All My Treasures’ by Jo Witek we made our own treasure. What do you think of our creations?

Today’s learning:


Can you write your spellings using rainbow writing: straight, address, often, height and increase.

Challenge: Can you choose one of the words to write in a sentence? Can you make your sentence into a question sentence? Can you punctuate your sentence correctly?

Fine Motor skills

Click on the link below to go to the teach handwriting website which we use in school.

After we have completed our handwriting activity we will be practising using a hole puncher to make little dots to glue and stick. If you have a hole puncher at home you could practice using it or use scissors to cut out dots. Make sure you check with a grown up first.


This week we will be continuing with our engineering skills and will be making a football table using boxes and other equipment we have in the SSC. These are the instructions we will be following in school:

Have a great day

The SSC Team

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