Reading week!

Good morning everyone! We hope that you have had a lovely weekend. This week we are so, so excited as we are going to be celebrating books and reading.

Here is the timetable for the week.

For handwriting try logging onto letter join and practicing your joins. Alternatively why don’t you try writing about what you did over the weekend in your neatest handwriting. Check that your capital letters are not joined, each letter is carefully formed and consistent in size and that they are all sat neatly on the line.

After handwriting we would like you to read your favourite book. I am really enjoying sharing Julia Donaldson books with my son at the moment, so I will be reading this one……

What books do you love reading and who is your favourite author at the moment?

After reading it is time for some maths. Today we are going to be looking at place value. Here is a reminder of some really important concepts when solving place value questions.

Now try solving some of these questions.

Next it is time for some computing. We would like you to research a famous author. Here is some inspiration to help.

David Walliams is another amazing author that you could research. Here he is reading an extract from one of his outstanding books Gangsta Granny.

After lunch we would like you to read the following extract taken from a book. We would like you to explain what point in history is being described and how you know. What clues have you used?

Finally to end the day it is time for our wellbeing task. It is all about mindset. Watch this clip and think carefully about each characters mindset and how they deal with mistakes.

Our mindset is very important. Tom starts off with a fixed mindset. He is wary of taking risks with his learning and fears the consequences of making mistakes. Caitlin is the opposite and has a growth mindset and feels happy and confident when taking risks. She wants to use trial and error and understands the value of good mistakes.

Have you ever made a good mistake? What did you learn from it? If you made that mistake again would you now react differently?

We hope that you all have a fabulous day and pleasee, please send in your photos and learning to

Mrs Kershaw and Miss Smith

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