Play Factor

On Wednesday 4th of January I went to Play Factor. I woke up at 10:30 and went downstairs to have a breakfast. After that i went to play Xbox for 2 hours. I played With my ultimate team on FIFA 17. I done lots of squad building challenges. A few hours later, I got changed,so I could go to play Factor. When I arrived at play factor the first thing I done was go on the zip wire. It was EPIC. Then I played football for a bit because I wanted to. Later on I went on the huge,red slide. My cousin was terrified so I pushed off the slide. After we had played ,we got pizza and chips with nachos. A few minutes later, we got ice cream. Once we had ate the ice cream we went to the arcade. The arcade was amazing. The bad thing was that we had to go home after the arcade. It was a fun day at play factor and I want to go again. Also on Friday I beat Saif at Fifa 5 times. We had 5 matches and I beat him in all of them.

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