29th of December /By Hira Homework year 6w

A couple of days before 29th of December my aunty came from London.

She came for Christmas so that we can celebrate together as a family. We had a brilliant Christmas all of our presents were brilliant ,me ,my older sister ,my brother and my little sister loved our gifts ,but it was getting late so we went asleep. Then a couple of days later [on the 29th] My family  had planed a day out that we  would go bowling then have dinner at  Nandos. Soon later, we were at bowling and starting our first game. I had loads of sweets such as skittles, i also some had crisps and J2O drink. My mum kept and telling me not to have more because we were going to have dinner. Once we had  finished the 2 games of bowling we went back into the car and my dad drove us to The Trafford Centre. We had finished our dinner at Nandos, until i spotted the fro-yo machine , so … i asked my mum if i could have the chocolate “fro-yo” she said yes ,so i told my sisters and my brother if they wanted some . They all agreed so we went to fill our cups up and then left the resturant to go back home .


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