About my favorite Olympics sport Atletics

My favourite sport is Athletics because of several fantastic things about it 
1st thing is = You can do different things in one,sport, the Athletics  are Running, jumping,throwing.                                       

 2nd thing is= You can get fit by Athletics like you can do as you see there are a few similar things in Athletics and in sport. 

3rd thing is= In the Athletics one thing that always inspires me in the Athletics is more that if your playing it becomes more about the journey than the destination and you find yourself delighted over winning.

In the Olympics there are more sports than the Athletics here are th name of more Olympics sports = ARCHERY, Basket ball,Volleyball, Boxing,Cycling BMX,Cycling mountain bike,Diving,Football,netball and much more. 

But Athletics (Mahnoor’s favourite sport which contains jumping) is my favourite and sounds so much fun.

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