dawuds story a jiggy mcCue the meanes genie

I can hardely bear to tell you this but I have to tell someone. If I keep it to myself ill have nightmares about it for the rest of my life its an extra portion of nightmares .It all started with the stupid genie.If the geinie hadant…
no that’s not right! it attuly started with me for myself because im jiggy mcCue the unluckiest kid in town . id never thought of myself as particulary luky, but just lately luck and me had been complete stangers .id been haunted by underpants and flushed down a computerised toilet.you have to admit these aren’t normal everyday run-of-the-mill things to happen to a person. But I had a rrety good idea why I was getting all this stuff thrown at me while it missed everyone else.it was because of what happened at the piddle pool the night before I started schoolfor the first time.

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