The bear and the hare

In the peaceful, calm woods, a gentle furry bear stomped across the mossy, leaf path happily with his best friend.the sunshine shone on the huge forest.A flock of black birds flew south in the clear blue sky.Quick as a flash, the bear stood up and glinced at the blue sky. Silently, a white, crystal snowflake went on the bear’s black shimmering nose .Soon the bear yawned. the bear new that it was time to hibernate for six months.The bear looked dispointed.He new that the hare will be upset.The bear turned to his best friend the hare.

“Now its time for me to hibernate”yawned the bear sleepily.

“B….but i will miss you,”reiplid ┬áthe ┬áhare sadly,”Then who will i be with and i what to be with you for Christmas.”

“Sorry,but i have to hibernate,”gently told the bear looking at the hare,”We will have fun at spring okay.”

“Okay,”reiplid the hare quietly.

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