A few tricky riddles

Can you solve this



Fill in the boxes with the following numbers


You can also repeat the number





Next riddle

There are a group of children in a class a new person comes and asks the teacher how many children are there the teacher says guess she gives clues

  • get the amount of the children and double it
  • Then add its half
  • then add its quarter
  • then if the new person comes there will be a 100 people so add 1 and it will be a 100




Another riddle

There is a truck full of brick that truck can only carry 40 grams right now he is carrying 40 grams the truck is crossing a bridge which also carry’s 40 grams as the truck is crossing the bridge a bird sits on the truck but the bridge doesn’t fall why



Last but certainly not least

20 children jump in a swimming pool       but when they come out there are twentyfour heads why       THE ANSWER IS NOT THERE WERE FOUR CHILDREN ALREADY IN THE POOL.


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