4A trip to The john Ryland Libary

4A trip to The John  Libary
1.Why.We went to the John ryland libary because we can learn about more stuff.

2.Where.We went on a tram to go to The John Rylands Libary because trams are faster.

3.What.we learn about stuff when we went in a libary and it looks like Morris lessmore when you went in the libary and we explore everywhere in the libary.We had pictures then we placed them on a map then we got a sheet and the groups had a turn to anwser the questions on the sheet.

We had fun in the libary it was fun in there and we listen to  leanne and we tour everywhere it was full of books and it have alot of room .

It was dark,brown in the libary.

The libary is like hudge as a tower

The windows were like colourful  church.

Mrs Appleyard, Mrs Thelwell, Mrs Mulceen and Mr Myatt help there group and they are helpful. Then we went out side then go home then we sat in our english places and Miss got the computers the and blog about The John Rylands Libary.

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