My trip with 4a

Today me and my class went to a libary called John Rylands libary. It was so much fun. On the way to the met stop it took about 20 munits,but any way when we got there we had tour we got shown  evry thing the 1st flor had all books what was about 2,ooo years old me and oliver cold read greek a litle bit so we cold understand the title of some books . Arter that we went to the 3rd flor because there was nothing on the 2nd flor but on the 3rd flor it was rilly fun because we did a qwiz we all got a map at first per tabble and we mashed pichers to it. then we did that we got a dithrent map but my tabbles was jerman wrighting but some of it was inglish 1 of task was finde deens gate we found it but it was right in the coner.We did that for about an hour but it dint seem that long.Some of it looked like cherch but miss said it was never a cherch.and she said who ever berlived in god and was religus wold be on a stchu or a stain glass windo.

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