My life by Filip

my name is Filip,I was born 21 of August 2004.i was born in Poland

when I was 6 I found out a website called YouTube and I started to watch videos

like pranks,mine craft trolling and more.then I watched people playing video games like Terreria,mine craft and gmod.when I was 8 I had a holiday to Poland it was so fun!!! I went to the beach with my uncle called michel.Me my dad and my uncle we came to the beach and played inside the water ball on the beach.

When I aged to be 9 I went to a place called Buxton/Hollincloff.My present was a nerf gun,a puzzel and a donut.when aged 10 I found out the game called worms battle grounds,it’s a 2d and a thinking game because you take turns so player 1 goes first and then player 2 and then try… TO KILL EACHOTHER

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