The body snatcher

The hell like beast known as the body snatcher is a mysterious creature. Do you think you could identify this deadly assassin?


Although many think it’s sweet, this beast with dark grey claws and dazzling ,frosted black scales will turn on a man in seconds. The reason of this is its nerve system is set to kill any thing that’s not its own kind. Another  thing about the snatcher is it’s the size of 2 sharks! And as a baby it’s the size of 2 horses!


Could you be living near a body snatcher  well if your living in eastern Canada or Sothern Russia you could! These monsters deadly dragon’s live in volcanos and mountings  so they can feast on yetis and other dragons.


Most snatchers eat yetis, mountin  goats and mainly other dragons ,but some others eat humans only. The way they catch there pray is by surrounding them with fire then swooping down to brutally murder them.

Interesting facts

Do you know the snatchers worst enemy? If you didn’t it’s the man eater . The reason  for  this is a battle over territory  and prey.  Although there are many facts the most interesting  one is the majority can turn invisible.


So know you now all there is to know about this hell-like, monsters’, evil and cunning beast known as the body snatcher.

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