Santa mission 100wc

“Doors are locked!”  I  radioed back to Grace. “Can anyone see him ?”  Grace asked us “No,”  we all radioed back “Well if he’s here, he’s trapped!” Grace told us “Wait! Wait I got something I see footprints!” I told her ” Go after them!”  She told me. I followed these strange footprints, they lead me to a door upstairs in my house. Nervous, I reached out and opened the door … There was nothing there just a pair of boots!  “It’s a trick!” I shouted through my radio back to Grace.  Suddenly I saw a flash ofred! I quickly turned around and there was footprints everywhere.  I followed them and there was presents under the tree! Then I  heard someone coming, I hid behind  a large present. The shadow looked like he was holding a large bag. Could it, is it? SANTA! Sitting there I thought this will be the best celebration ever!

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