The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion , The Witch and The Wardrobe

So far we have read, about how Susan, Peter , Edmund and Lucy got evacuated to the countryside, we have also read about the incredibly long journey on the train. We read about how they were playing hide and seek and then found the icy wonderland , which was called Narnia. Narnia was icy and white ad was always winter , but never Christmas. It was never Christmas because there was a sly , crafty Witch that made it never Christmas, and the exact same Witch made Edmund want to go to her house in Narnia and told him he could become king


Christmas Acrostic Poem

C hestnuts roasting on a open fire,


R eindeer  prancing by the window pane,

I cing on the cake as sweet as sugar cane,

S tockings on the chimney wall,

T rees in houses on every street,

M ist in the window,

A ngel ornaments on the tree,

S anta! Santa! For you and me!

sports day

i really loved sports day because i at least won one race.Everybody had big smiles on their faces ,but it was obvious that glebs would win all running races.I was really proud of my self because i was the sport person as well.So i cant wait untill the sports day in year 6.

100 word challenge

Once there lived a boy who longed for adventere ,he thought he was in a fantasy world.But he spoke the truth he was inna fantasy ( world ) people called him a fantasy wonderer.He does’nt mind because he likes it alot he even said “I’m the beSt fantasy there is! So he better get on his way. He went thru the forest in the Amazon he felt  somthing .

What was that he could feel how strange the fantasy wonder for once felt scared or did he so he was so so scared he killed himself!!,!,!