My Christmas Holidays!

During my Holidays I didn’t do many things but it was still really fun!

Seeing as I don’t celebrate Christmas, for the first few days I just played on my ipad.

After Christmas we went on lots of shopping adventures. Sometimes to The Fort, sometimes to the Tesco this may not sound fun, but there was always something that made us crack up laughing.

Then days passed and passed the same way shopping and playing every day, until finally it was New Years Eve. I was sooo excited. Me and my sister wanted to stay up until 12 o clock, but my mum didn’t allow this. She said your sister already looks like a panda with dark circles under her eyes we don’t want you to look the same. We pleaded and begged and finally she said ok. So we stayed up and watched the countdown on TV . When it turned 12 o clock fireworks blasted into the sky sizzling and crackling. It made me smile so much, but in the middle of watching the fireworks I fell asleep. I had an amazing dream that night.

The next day (In the middle of watching TV), I remembered it was school on Monday, I sighed and carried watching TV.