Over My Christmas Holidays

On my holidays i went to my friends house,and my mum and dad bought four huge packets of fire works.It might be wired for some reason ,but we celebrated three Happy new years.First one was the Russian one then Latvia one it is kind of wired ,but finaly it was the English one IT WAS REALLY FUN!Hope you enjoyed it

My half term holiday

During my half term holiday I did lots of exciting things like…. On Wednesday I went on a very long walk with my dad,brother and my dog bailey.While on my walk we saw my friend called Georgia!Then on Thursday we went to the firework display in crumpsall park.The fireworks were absolutely amazing(my favourite bit was the shooting stars!) Then on Friday we went trick or treating and I dressed up as The Devil! Then today(Friday) we skyped my nana from Australia and I helped my mum decorate her work.Then to end the holiday I had Sunday dinner and Black Forest gateau yummy